scheme 1
Mangalya Gold Benefit Scheme:  Benefits Easy monthly installments: Earn gold ornaments by depositing  monthly 500rs or more than it. The gold equal to the depositing money will be calculated as the days 22 carrt(916) market price. Saving from gold price hike:  The amount  deposited in Mangalya scheme will be fix to the corresponding days so that you will be safe from variations in price. Table below  shows  example of 3 installments Date       Monthly Insatallments       Gold Price in Gram      Weight in Gram       Total in Gram   Bonus: Duration of this scheme is maximum 18 months. You can earn the gold ornaments as per your amount deposited, after completing the duration of the scheme or close the scheme without any extra wages. To get the advantages of this scheme, amount will be deposited atleast 3 times.